Halloween Collection 2

Scream Queens Chanel-O-Ween
Price each: £4
Size: 5 x 5
Every card comes with an envelope
Illustrated by Cheryl Wong
Made in Manchester, UK
Products take 1-2 business days to ship out upon payment

All products are available in A6 postcards, 5 x 5 cards, 5 x 7 cards and A4 print (220 gsm).
For custom/digital copies, please contact me!

Order(s) will be shipped in a hardback envelope
Payment through Paypal
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Hello! I'm Cheryl and I'm the founder of The Cheryl Co. (I spent ages trying to pick a name but everything else is taken). I've started illustrating when I was pursuing my postgrad studies and needed something to help me relax and doodling actually worked a load! I was inspired by the people I love, the places I visited and so much more and I hope that with a piece of my work, you will not only see, but feel the same kind of way these works bring me.